Note for kids:

Everything you need to know is right here inside this e-book…

Can you guess the most widely spoken language in the world?

Recite the capital cities of various countries?

Name the best-selling artist of all time or the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

If you can’t then this book is for you.

Read it and pretty soon you will feel smarter than everyone – even your parents!

Note for parents:

This 395+ page e-book covers all the essential information, that kids should learn in the subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History and General knowledge.

Simple, to-the-point, and required reading material for any kids from ages 8 and up.

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This book includes:

> List of 200+ countries and their capitals

> 500 Fun Facts & 100 Inspirational Quotes

> List of phobias, common abbreviations and symbols

> Top 10 biggest and smallest countries by population & size

> Facts about the planets, animals and a timeline of inventions

> Most widely spoken languages in the world


> Famous paintings, landmarks, inventors and scientists

> List of oceans, directions and longest rivers

> List of male, female and baby animal names, interesting group names, animal classes, animal groups by body structure, habitats, top ten heaviest sea and land animals, most popular dog names and fastest, slowest and sleepiest mammals.

> List of word contractions, names for sets of babies, five senses, proverbs, 200 words to use instead of said, similes, metaphors, personifications, collective nouns, abbreviations, unusual plurals, eight parts of speech, 100 most common English words in writing, idioms and more.

> List of maths times tables, roman numerals, metric system, temperature, prime numbers, money talk, square roots, dates, measuring devices and different names for shapes.

> List of planets, rainbow colours, seasons of the year and how to understand daylight savings.


> List of top 10 bestselling books and movies, superheroes and their real identities, most popular names throughout the 20th century and national anthem lyrics for Australia, USA and UK.

> List of 10 important values, manners, how to RSVP to a party and have a lovely day, the things money can’t buy and the 5 rules of borrowing.

> List of all Australian and US leaders, timeline of inventions, the Olympic Rings and important dates.

> List of different scientific disciplines and phobias.

> List of body parts, our vital body organs and body systems, top 10 epidemics which impacted the world, top 10 countries by life expectancy, nutrition and more.

> Popular lists including: Primary colours, Computer keyboard shortcuts, Origin of names for days of the week and months of the years,Karate belts in order of colour, Zodiac signs and Chinese zodiac signs, Different types of trees, Seven dwarfs, Santa’s reindeer, Most widely spoken languages in the world and marine talk.

And so much more!

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