Dream Big My Friend Life CEO Planning System

A Complete System For Organizing , Planning and Living Your [Dream] Life

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THE SIMPLEST WAY TO PLAN YOUR DAYS. FOR AS JIM ROHN SO WISELY SAID: Either you run your day or your day runs you...


I see you my friend.

You're feeling:

Tired - actually make that exhausted - and often overwhelmed

You start the day with the best of intentions but as the day goes on you aren't as productive as you hoped you would be.

You feel the desperate need for a plan that actually keeps you on track but thus far life often feels like it is controlling you, rather than the other way around.





I totally get it as I have been in your shoes before.

I know what it's like to have a crazy schedule and WAY TOO MUCH on my plate.

It gets hard trying to do it all while wearing that superwoman cape, right?

So why not ditch the cape and embrace a plan that works instead?

Life really shouldn't have to feel SO HARD.

Here's the truth: you can embrace peace and calm, even when life is more chaotic.

This is where the DREAM BIG MY FRIEND LIFE CEO PLANNING SYSTEM can help you change the way you currently live your life.

75+ Worksheets + A Guaranteed System To Help You Organize, Plan and Live Your Amazing Life

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Raise your hand if you feel the same way!

You are an old-school pen to paper gal who has big dreams for your life.

If you try to keep it all "digital" it gets promptly forgotten about. You need to have something tangible to touch and see in order to keep everything in the forefront of your mind.

This planning system is for you if:

You want to be able to make plans that see your big goals come to fruition.

You want to record special moments, so they aren't forgotten the moment you shut your eyes at night.

You want to have a planning system that tackles all areas of your life - from finances to fun, self-care to goal-setting and included a proper system for organizing your days.

Most importantly, you want a planning system that is flexible, inspiring and can be catered to your individual needs.

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